MYWAY – Sturgis Tournament 2019

MYWAY – Sturgis Tournament 2019

Premier Wrestlers; GREAT job in Sturgis today!!! We are proud of all of you!!

Congratulations to the following wrestlers on placing.

Alont`e Woodard-Bell – 3rd placeπŸ₯‰

Evan Webster – 2nd placeπŸ₯ˆ

Ki`Ryce Moore – 4th placeπŸ…

Maxwell Thompson – 3rd placeπŸ₯‰

Jason Buddemeier – 4th placeπŸ…

Jaelyn Bell – 2nd placeπŸ₯ˆ

Nehelijha Higgins – 3rd placeπŸ₯‰

Caleb Burns – 1st placeπŸ₯‡

Again; GREAT job to all of our Premier Wrestlers!!!

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