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“Clash of the Comets”

Today 12 of our student-athletes wrestled in the "Clash of the Comets" over in Coloma, MI. Our club wrestlers have grown so much over the season. Congratulations to the following wrestlers for placing in the tournament. 2017-2015 OPEN 49 Sire A. - 1st place  (Tied for 3rd place for Most Team Points, with 26.0) 2017-2015 OPEN 52 B Bruce L. - 4th place  2014-2013 NOVICE 67 Sonny G. - 4th place  (2nd place for Most Total Match Points, with 54.0) 2014-2013 NOVICE 72 Kain S. - 2nd place  2012-2011 OPEN 150 Jason H....

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