Monthly Archives - March 2019

MYWAY – State Championship 2019

Congratulations to the following wrestlers that placed at this weekends MYWAY State Championship. Samantha Tyler - 3rd place🥉 Trenton Snell - 4th place🏅 Henry Parworth - 8th place🏅 We are proud of each and all of our Kalamazoo wrestlers that competed at the MYWAY State level. Hats off to: Gage Norton Jason Hernandez Jamarion Smith Darion Jacobs Carson Hernandez Samantha Tyler Trenton Snell Izaya Holmes Henry Parworth

2019 Premier Basketball Association Tournament Update

The results from the 2019 Premier Basketball Association Tournament are in. Congratulations to Prairie Ridge on their 1st place finish. Unfortunately due to some poor sportsmanship we were forced to disqualify two teams from the tournament today. Premier Athletics for Youth Development will NOT tolerate the type of behavior that was displayed on the court today. As stated before; we have a "zero tolerance" policy that will be enforced at all times. We know it is unfortunate for the student-athletes, coaches, and...

2019 Premier Basketball Tournament Bracket

🚨🚨Here is our 2019 Premier Basketball Tournament Bracket🚨🚨 Games will be played Saturday, March 30th and Sunday, March 31st at Northeastern Elementary School in Kalamazoo. Come out and support our young student-athletes as they play for the championship.

MYWAY – Manchester Tournament 2019

Very proud of the Premier wrestlers that made the trip to Manchester, MI and competed in the Novice Championship. Congratulations to the following on bringing home some hardware. Shane Baker - 2nd place🥈 Maxwell Thompson - 1st place🥇 Julius Boza - 3rd place🥉 Caleb Burns - 2nd place🥈

Premier Basketball Association – Week 10 2019

The results from week 10 of our Premier Basketball Association are in. All of our student-athletes showed some great character and played amazing!!!

Premier Basketball Association – Week 9 2019

Sorry for the delay but here are the week 9 results from our Premier Basketball Association. Week 10 results and the Championship bracket will be posted within the next few days!!

MYWAY- Southwest Regional Tournament 2019

Congratulations to the following Premier wrestlers on placing in the MYWAY Southwest Regional Tournament. All of our club wrestlers that participated did a great job today!! Gage Norton - 2nd place🥈 Jason Hernandez - 2nd place🥈 Jamarion Smith - 3rd place🥉 Darion Jacobs - 1st place🥇 Caleb Burns - 5th place🏅 Carson Hernandez - 3rd place🥉 Trenton Snell - 1st place🥇 Izaya Holmes - 4th place🏅 Henry Parwoth - 2nd place🥈 Florentino Sanchez - 4th place🏅

MYWAY – Southwest Regional Tournament 2019 Update

Things are coming together for the MYWAY Southwest Regional Tournament that will be held tomorrow at Wings Event Center. Good luck to all of the Southwest wrestlers that will be taking the mat!! #LetsGoPremier

Premier Basketball Association – Week 8 2019

Week 8 results are in from the Premier Basketball Association. We would like to send out a special "thank you" to all the principals and school administrators that attended the games and supported our student-athletes this past Saturday.

MYWAY – BC Lakeview Tournament 2019

Congratulations to the following wrestlers on placing in the BC Lakeview Tournament today. Gage Norton - 3rd place🥉 Jason Hernandez - 2nd place🥈 Julius Boza - 2nd place🥈 Jason Buddemeier - 4th place🏅 As a reminder: Practice will now be Tuesday's and Thursday's from 5PM to 7PM, at Maple Street Middle, through the end of the season.